The Value of Working With a Private Wealth Financial Advisor

Complex wealth management challenges require elevated services and capabilities.

We work with a limited number of clients with comprehensive wealth needs to help ensure (a) time and availability to serve the client in the way they deserve, and (b) solutions are tailored to meet the needs of those with significant wealth.

We leverage access to resources and knowledge on behalf of our clients from across Wells Fargo Bank, including wealth planners, fiduciary advisory specialists, investment strategists, and more.

We coordinate with our clients’ other professional advisors — such as attorneys, accountants, and trust administrators — to help ensure our wealth plan is cohesive and addresses the many facets of a client’s financial life.

We’re committed to continually evolving our skills and knowledge to keep pace with the ever-expanding and increasingly complex needs of high-net-worth investors.

We take a multi-generational approach to wealth management, serving client families for decades to help ensure short-term, long-term, and legacy needs are addressed, planned for, and adjusted as needed.

We are committed to a comprehensive, personal approach to serving high-net-worth individuals, families, foundations, and institutions. We work with Wells Fargo Bank specialists to provide our clients with access to guidance across many aspects of wealth planning, such as:
  • Legacy planning
  • Lending needs
  • Investment management
  • Philanthropic strategies
  • Wealth and retirement planning
  • Family dynamics
  • Fiduciary services